Contact Us

Contact Us

Lainshaw Street Stewarton KA3 5BU

The Guild: Sheila McGill 01560 483594

Every second Tuesday 2.00pm in the Church Hall.

Bible study and Prayer Group: Catherine Hay 01560 482799

Every Monday  1.30pm in the Church Hall.

Friendship and Faith: Ruth Nicol 01560 673268

Last Tuesday of Month 1.30pm in the Church Hall.

Messy Church: Lauren Hussain 01560 465289/07738689121

Last Saturday of Month 3.30-5.30pm in the Church Hall. Age 3 – P.7.

Toddler Group: Margaret Smith on 01560 483266.

Thursday 10am-11.30am in the Church Hall.

For children under nursery age, parents, grandparents, childminders etc.

Cost £1.50

Badminton: Liz Auld 01560 485642

Wednesday 2.00pm in the Church Hall.

Chess Club: John Montgomery Tel: 01294 221486 [email protected]

Tuesday 7.00pm in the Church Hall.

Boys Brigade: Willie Campbell 07932540097

Anchor Boys – Wednesdays – P.1 to P.3 in St. Columba’s Church Hall.  This year we are running at 2 separate times again – 4.30pm to 5.30pm and the usual 6pm to 7.00pm. Boys/Parents will be able to select which time suits them best. 

Junior Section – Wednesdays – P.4 – P.6 in St. Columba’s Church Hall from 7.00pm to 8.45pm. 

Company Section – Fridays – P.7 & above – The Centre, Standalane on Friday  from 7.30pm until 10pm.  

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